Just What A Black Belt Methods To Me – The Quest

October 10, 2017

The Vacation

I’d flown to Nashville to try for my long-awaited San Dan (3rd diploma Black Belt – This really is kind of like becoming the state Teacher) last week. Before the test I’d been teaching consistently sinc…

Their frequently said in Martial-arts that the meaning doesnt lie in how good you are or what strip you’ve, rather the meaning lies in the journey. Before I go into What Black Belt Way To Me, I’d want to talk about my journey of these past few weeks.

The Quest

I had flown to Nashville to test for my long awaited San Dan (3rd diploma Black Belt – This is kind of like getting the official Teacher) a week ago. Before the test I’d been teaching consistently since April of this year at a friends dojo and my local gym.

It had been about 5 years since Ive last used my control, Wado-Ryu Karate-Do, so my memory of the device was very vague. After seeing numerous tapes of myself as a new martial artist, I had re-learned my under belt curriculum, nevertheless I was struggling to remember my black belt curriculum. Knowing something about martial-arts, ones under belt understanding is essential because it is generally accepted as the foundation of ones training. In the event people claim to get further on purchase crunchbase.com/person/tyler-collins, there are many resources you should pursue. On the other hand, a lot of people genuinely believe that your teaching truly begins when you obtain your first black belt. I couldnt agree more. To discover more, please have a gaze at: like us on facebook. When I was promoted to Sho Dan (1st Degree Black Belt) my interpretation about the martial-arts and Wado-Ryu had grown dramatically and I started to really learn.

In either case, I needed to learn everything that could have possibly been cast at me as it had been a decade since my last official test.

In July, I visited Nashville to teach with my beloved and highly recognized teacher Sensei Wayne Tyler. Unconditional love for his students and the-art and I consider him like a father figure in my martial arts career due to his vast familiarity with Wado-Ryu. Imagine being a scientist and your teacher was Albert Einstein that is what it feels like to be under-the wing of Sensei Tyler (or Mr. Tyler, when I call him). I had been in Nashville education with Sensei 2 3 hours daily for 5 days. I caught on my curriculum and took the information which was handed down by him and applied it to my training back in Denver.

Again, since I didnt know what to anticipate, I trained myself to be ready for nearly anything. Not merely was I training my katas and basics (Japanese types), but I was also managing 15 20 minutes on the rowing machine, 2 miles, three times per week and about 6-7 miles on the stationary bike. I dont think I might have been more prepared with this test.

I efficiently passed my test and was promoted to San Dan o-n October 17th 2006. I must say, this is one of my greatest successes in my martial arts career and a dream come true. It’s taken me many years to achieve this goal, but it’s reinforced my interpretation of being a black belt, or in my case San Dan..

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